Flat Illustration Set for Insurance Company

2 happy people in an orange car, with a woman driving and man in the passenger seat. Text reads "Verzeker uw auto goedkoop en snel bij DirectVerzekerd.nl"
Man hunched over front hood of car calling insurance company about car breakdown. Text reads "Voorkom autoproblemen Tips om je auto winterklaar te maken!" with logo at bottom "DirectVerzekerd.nl"
Flat vector illustration of a happy man riding motorcycle downtown. Text reads "Motorrijden zonder zorgen? Sluit direct een goedekope motorverzekering af" with logo at bottom "DirectVerzekerd.nl"
Smiling contractor holding a box at the back of a van. Other boxes are to the left. Text reads "Goedkoop een goede bestelautoverzekering - direct online afsluiten" with logo at bottom that reads "DirectVerzekerd.nl"
Gray car with 2 passengers is pulling a caravan on the highway. Text reads "Zorg dat u kunt ontspannen op vakantie. Direct caravan verzekeren" with logo at bottom that reads "DirectVerzekerd.nl"
Man wearing ski suit, toque and goggles in crouched position downhill skiing. Text reads "Zorgeloos wintersporten? Direct een goedkope reisverzekering" with logo at bottom that reads "DirectVerzekerd.nl"
Happy family of 5 with a cat looking out of a 2-story attached house. Parent holding newborn baby on first floor. Text reads "Geniet van je woning met een goede woonverzekering" with logo at bottom that reads "DirectVerzekerd.nl"
2 happy people wearing helmets riding scooters surrounded by trees. Person on left has a scarf flowing in the wind. Text reads "Zorgeloos scooter rijden? Verzeker je scooter in 5 minuten" with logo at bottom that reads "DirectVerzekerd.nl"

Project Details

Flat illustration set for insurance company blog. Image size optimized for sharing on Facebook.


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