Medicine App Illustrations

A hand with dark skin is holding a magnifying glass. Inside the magnifying glass is a prescription medicine bottle with a label showing the Rx symbol.
A map showing street lines. 4 map markers in various colours hover over different areas of the map. There is a dollar sign on each map marker.
A hand with light skin is holding up a credit card. The other hand is holding a smartphone displaying a check mark on the screen.
A hand with dark skin holds up a smartphone displaying lines. In the background is a pharmacist smiling and standing behind a counter. The pharmacist is a Black woman with short dark curly hair wearing a lab coat. Behind the pharmacist are 2 shelves lined with boxes
Set of 4 illustrations showing how to use Hippo

Project Details

Medicine App illustrations for Hippo, a platform that allows people to compare prices on prescription medication between pharmacies. I created 4 flat vector illustrations to accompany the “How it Works” section of their website.



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