Pattern Design Collection: Playful Fall Dance

Cropped view of 6 surface pattern designs with the title Playful Fall Dance. All patterns/graphics feature a dark navy background, with muted multi-coloured foreground colours.
Hero print featuring purple scarves, mitts and hat, red and orange maple leaves, green plant leaves, rosehips, acorns, red berries, and curly vine motifs.
2 secondary prints cropped side by side. 1st pattern features smaller orange and purple maple leaves, acorns, red berries, blue vine motifs and large blue maple leaf veins. 2nd pattern features purple rosehips, purple maple leaves, dark purple striped mittens and blue vine motifs.
3 blender prints cropped side by side. Patterns are densely placed. 1st pattern features dark purple berries. 2nd pattern features red plant leaves. 3rd pattern features red berries.
2 circle-shaped spot graphics. 1st graphic features brown acorns, purple berries and blue vine motifs circling 2 purple maple leaves. 2nd graphic features red plant leaves and purple berries circling 3 orange maple leaves.
2 product mockup photos placed side by side. 1st photo shows a secondary print applied to a dark purple tin canister. 2nd photo depicts a flat lay shot. Spot graphics are applied to 3 ceramic coasters. A yellow mug filled with milk is placed on 1 of the coasters. Beneath the items are dark purple wooden planks.

Project Details

Pattern Design Collection: Playful Fall Dance is inspired by crisp Fall evenings and leaves that dance across the ground below. It is the contrast between warm and cool as leaves change into vivid colours, weather grows colder and sky grows darker.

Suggested products: reusable storage tins, ceramic coasters and recycled notebook covers.

Copyright © Erin Davidson

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