Travel App Illustrations

Woman seated at her desk with laptop, behind her is a window showing winter landscape. She is daydreaming of a tropical destination with palm trees, sand, and water.
Illustration of woman using travel app on her phone. 2 Bubbles appear of Europe on the world map, and her friend wearing sunglasses and hat in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Illustration of 2 women using travel app chat
Illustration of woman using travel app chat with her friend's face in a bubble to the right
Layout of app interface chat between 2 friends
Illustration of guys laughing at their friend while he speaks to his mother on the phone. An image of his mom appears in a bubble to the right.
3 friends wearing football jerseys with their backs to the viewer, looking out onto a packed football stadium.

Project Details

Travel app illustrations created to demonstrate how to match travel plans, connect with friends and family travelling abroad.


Mobile Travel App

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