Website Illustrations for Blog

Website illustration of a unicorn keychain attached to 2 keys, one pink and the other gray.
Website illustration of a newspaper with the title news in all caps. The newspaper is folded to display the front page featuring a link symbol.
Website illustration of a person's head side profile with mouth open to speak. An orange speech bubble with an X is next to the person's mouth. In the background are small repeating speech bubbles.
Website illustration of a laptop. On the laptop screen is a black graduate cap on top of a gold seal. In the background are star shapes.
Website illustration of a blog within a browser window. A wrench is placed on top of the browser to the left.
Website illustration of a yellow pencil, balanced on the pencil tip. The pencil is surrounded by green laurels. Featuring a gray background with vertical stripes.

Project Details

Website illustrations for a blog about SEO, copywriting and blogging tips. Flat vector art style created with Adobe Illustrator.


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